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  Monitoring & Management Services, LLC (MMS) is a small business with a goal of providing municipalities and utilities with an innovative, services-oriented platform for monitoring the POTW and collection system. With increasing monitoring costs and requirements, municipalities need to have an alternative to conventional monitoring efforts.  
  MMS has developed the Sewer Maintenance, Overflows, FOG Tracking (SOFT) database to allow POTWs to monitor and assess municipal sewer collection systems. Read More...

  MMS provides FOG educational materials for commercial and residential FOG control awareness.  MMS “No FOG Dog” cartoon commercial gets message to youth as well as adults.  You can order the commercial and other FOG educational materials on the MMS Web Site.
  MMS provides Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) program monitoring and/or training programs. MMS has worked with utilities and municipalities on FOG program monitoring and inspections since February 2003.
  If you have questions regarding the services that MMS offers or if you would like to find out more information about FOG Training, please get in touch with us.

  MMS staff and subcontractors are comprised of environmental scientists, engineers and computer specialists with many years of experience in wastewater treatment, monitoring, and assessment. MMS owner, Byron Ross, has over twenty years of environmental service experience, ranging from work at a POTW and in industrial compliance (8 years), environmental laboratory (7 years), and as a chemical manager (2 years). MMS was established in 2002 with a goal to design, implement, and maintain products and services for our customers with technical expertise and integrity.  


Water Environment Federation

EPA (Wastewater, SSOs, CSOs, Stormwater)

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