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The Soft Database
  Sewer Maintenance, Overflows, FOG Tracking
MMS developed MMS SOFT database after working with several municipalities that were struggling to track SSOs, sewer maintenance activities, and newly developed FOG program information. State agencies, as well, expressed an interest in having a database that could allow them to query SSOs by stream basin, city, POTW, reason for SSO, and action taken to prevent future SSOs. Also, sewer maintenance work orders and records for many cities do not have the ability to query for labor hours and labor rates of personnel or specific equipment for specific sewer maintenance activities. In addition, state agencies want to track the amount of specific maintenance activities that the POTWs conduct in their respective collection system areas (e.g. feet of sewer line cleaned, feet of sewer line televised, feet of sewer line replaced, etc…).

MMS SOFT brings 3 modules together that can improve collection system data management and tracking. Easy to use scroll down option menus make MMS SOFT very user friendly. Customized query and export reports make it easy to do data summary reviews and reports to the state or EPA.

If you represent a city or utility and are interested in the SOFT database, please contact us for more information.


For more information about MMS, please contact us:

Byron Ross

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