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Industrial Pretreatment Support

MMS provides pretreatment program evaluations, local limits reviews, and pretreatment training/seminars for municipalities. Pretreatment training can be customized for the specific needs of the municipality. Also, MMS is familiar with Pretreatment Compliance Inspections (PCIs) and Pretreatment Compliance Audits (PCAs), and can assist municipalities in evaluating their program’s status. Many municipal pretreatment programs include FOG program monitoring and inspections.

Pretreatment personnel should be aware of the potential sources of specific pollutants. The “Pollutant Sources” table is provided for your reference.

Examples of Pretreatment Training Topics:

  • History of Pretreatment Program
  • Overview of 40 CFR Part 403
  • Industrial Waste Surveys
  • Local Limit Development
  • Industrial User Inspections
  • Sampling
  • Flow Measurement
  • Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • FOG program
  • File Review

If you are interested in MMS providing pretreatment support or training, please contact Byron Ross at


EPA Local Limits Development Guidance
(PDF - Requires Adobe Reader)

EPA Pretreatment Documents


For more information about MMS, please contact us:

Byron Ross

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